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 Two Bros Riding is a french sport team composed of two brothers passionate about Mountain Biking, video and photography. We also love sharing our experiences with our followers all over the world. 

Our story is pretty simple, in 2017, Big’Bro was going for a ride and told to Lil’Bro “Hey, do you want to ride with me ?” for sure, Lil’Bro answered “Why not, we’ll see.”. The thing they didn’t know was that it was the beginning of their biggest passion.

We always loved sharing our experiences with everybody, so one year later, in August 2018, we told “Sure Bro, let’s create an Instagram account to share our passion and stories with all the biking world !”. It was a good idea ! Right now, we have a strong base of passionated followers all around the world. We work with professionnal photography and video editing material and the thing that we like the most is always the same : “Ride our Damn Bikes !”.

No more talking : “Here we just ride !”  Two Bros Riding



So, as we said, we’ve created an Instagram account in August 2018 and now our stats are :

-12 100+ followers

-3 500 000+ reached accounts in one week

-5 800 000+ views on a reels

-74 posts and 280 000+ Likes in 2021

-68 posts and 153 000+ Likes in 2021

-2 000+ views on our stories.

We post at least weekly with professional video stuff (Canon EOS 77D, GoPro Hero 7 Black, DJI Mavic Pro, Slick Video Stabilizer, Insta360 GO2…). We often post more and we share stories every day  to create a real link with our community.


As mountain biking lovers and video/photography passionate, we love represent some Brands, Bike Parks or even Cities. We only work with brands that we really like ! You will find our actual partners bellow.

If you think that a partnership with Two Bros Riding can be interesting for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling the contact form bellow or by sending us a mail at

We would love to hear from you and we are going to contact you quickly.

No more talking : « Here we just ride ! » – Two Bros Riding

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Here are the partners that help us riding our Mountain Bikes and creating cool content !



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